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Today I have good news, and I have bad news. RACSA (the costarrican internet provider) announced a reduction of the prices of internet for September this year. Eight thousand colones for high-speed connections and did I hear twenty -five hundred for ordinary-modem connections?,… That’s good news.  Now the bad news is that they’ve been saying the same for the past two years. I’m afraid that when they finally lower them Internet will be free all over the rest of the world.

We still have not heard about Castro’s health. Could be that when he dies nobody even remembers what communism was.

In the meantime, Cuba prepares for an eventual invasion by the U.S. 

 Perhaps Bush ought to consider realy invading Cuba. As it may be his first sucsessful invasion. Ah! and think about some of the other extra bonuses. A few million latinos would leave the U.S and return to Cuba. Americans would have the nearest vacation resort available again.

There’s a downside though. The Cubans would probably flood the states with cheap sugar exports, and with cuban casinos open again they would take some of the business away from american indians.


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         A costarrican Friday-night comedy “El Show de la media docena” was nominated for the annual “International Emi Awards” for a T.V comedy. This comedy performed by a group of young and talented comedians was selected from within a group of 150 contestants from countries all over the world (the U.S not included) as one of the 8 finalists.
         What amazes me the most, besides coming from a country (Costa Rica) lacking a movie-industry, is the fact the the sketches seem to be adapted more for an English-Speaking audience rather than the latin-american public it’s aimed to. Some of the jokes are even hard to translate directly to Spanish. I guess it was better to present it that way for the demo-version they needed.
    Myself, I never want to miss this Friday Night comedy on Channel 7 (Teletica) every weekend. It reminds me of “Saturday Night Live” during it´s Heyday.

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    An air-driven motor:

    A costarrican mechanic claims he developed a motor that runs on air only.
    this former refrigeration technician demonstrated a motor for a car that runs on air based on the model of an air compressor. Though the motor still hasn’t been tested on a vehicle yet it seems to run by itself.
    This guy in San José, Costa Rica invites some other interested parties to join in this venture.
    I saw it on T.V this afternoon and the motor itself looks like any other automobile motor except that it´s rythm is more like an old
    Magirus-Deutz the way it sounds.
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