The begining of the end for sportbooks in Costa Rica

      Another sportsbook went down in Costa Rica. While it’s president awaits trial in the U.S, another one of these concerns awaits for the outcome that could leave about 3000 costarricans without a job.

      These businesses starting mushrooming in the country since Free Zones were opened back in the 80’s. Though from the begining rumor had it that these kind of bets were ilegal in the U.S, as there was no clear legislation contemplating those deals in Costa Rica,  they passed as being permissible, and why not, a potential source of employment for  many costarricans.

     Together with the openings of casinos, and other questionable endeavors (to be brutally honest, infantile prostitution and gay bars among others), over the years this country has been earning a fame much like Cuba used to be in the 1950’s under the Fulgencio Batista  regime.


      So my eyes weren’t that much filled with wonder when I saw on CSI Miami the other night about this guy who was sending all of his money to a sportsbook in Costa Rica to keep it from being investigated. Well, anyway this country has always been known to be a haven for some “ugly americans”, so that figures.


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