Teenage hackers and crackers

A sixteen-year-old kid in Guanacaste, Costa Rica was cought in the act of performing his own kind of pfishing scam on the expense of one of the big State Banks here in Costa Rica.

As is apparent, the kid collected “cedula-info” (cedulas are personal ID’s bearing the name and a number, similar to Social Security ID’s in the U.S) from people who weren’t even necessarily account-holders, opened accounts for them using a Bank number, and then deposited fat sums to their accounts, which he later collected(all of this via the internet).

It still pretty much beats me how he did this, but it’s pretty scary to think that bank security measures allow for this kind of thing to be pulled, and that any adolescent has the know-how to do it. The bank actually got hit for about 18 million colones as it were.

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