One day after seizing the largest ammount of cocaine ever cought on a boat in Costa Rica, and probably in Central America (one an a half tons), and after capturing who seemed to be Pablo Escobar’s accountant, George Nayor, a guy who also is the prime suspect of an atempt against President of El Salvador Antonio Saca, and whom vice-president of Costa Rica Kevin Casas had met at his brother’s 50th birthday party (Casas’s brother Ciro Casas’s whereabouts are still unknown).

    The vice-president was forthcoming to declare that he had met this man, a cuban who had been living in Colombia named George Nayor, but had no idea who he was.  This man had planned acquiring a SAM7  missile in the nicaraguan arms black market so to atempt against Saca. He had been living in El Salvador during the last years where he owned restaurants and casinos.

     When asked about the subject, President Oscar Arias said he had talked with vice-president Casas about the matter and that it would be investigated to the last consecuences, and that it seems to be a case of money laundering.

      Ciro Casas apparently had been administering a bank account (15 million dollars) Nayor has in Costa Rica.

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