Future of ALUNASA?

AlUNASA (Aluminios nacionales sociedad anónima) a costarrican aluminum manufacturing concern was created as a state-owned enterprise back in the late seventies when when ex-president now defunct Daniel Oduber thought it would be cool to make aluminum utensils in Costa Rica.

The next government by Rodrigo Carazo, on the contrary, beleived it was no longer profitable to run the plant. It was in the days when words such as neo-liberalism, budget-constraints, Milton Freidman, and the like-minded were the gods so it wasn´t long before ALUNASA was sold to a venezuelan consortium (Guayana) , and that was the solution for the company´s heavy losses during the following  26 years.

Now, in the times of Hugo Chaves and political correctness (depending which  side  you´re  on),  the  president  of  Venezuela  decided  that  the  company  will  be closing  it´s  operations  here  and  moving  to  Nicaragua.  The  reasons that Chaves claims are economic, geo-political, and some statement made by President Oscar Arias about his government that he considers to be politicaly intrusive.

The eventual shut-down would leave 400 families unenployed and a company that doubled it´s exports to almost twice as much during the last five years (from 40 million dollars to  95 million).

Oscar Arias thinks the company could be bought back or taken over by some other as some of the company´s assets are not movable. He also added that Chaves´s decision to move the company out of Costa Rica shouldn´t come as a surprise considering that he will be looking for other like-minded governments such as Nicaragua to do business.

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