Africa mine in Costa Rica

A zoo is being made in Costa Rica that is supposed to be a small replica of the african savannah. Taking advantage of the flatlands in the province of Guanacaste that have used traditionaly for raising cattle, in the dry north-pacific, and the similarities with the climate (aprox. 33 degrees Celcius year around) this will be together with one in Guatemala, the only two Africa mine facilities in Latin America.

     The first animal species arrived 2 days ago, including jiraffes, oryx, antelopes, wild boars, zebras, ostriches (any likeness with Noah´s arch is purely coincidental) among others where brought in pairs all the way down from Ohio, U.S.A to Florida and then put on a jumbo jet to be flown the airport in Guanacaste were they would be transported to the zoo in specialy-built cages.

     The only reported casualty (not all of the animals make it here) was a jiraffe that had been under too much stress along the way. No carnivorous species were included for obvious reasons. No lions, leopards and the like. The zoo is meant to be a place were african species can be watched, grown, and reproduced for comercial pourposes. Other features will be included later such as a butterfly farm, guided tours, and a pond for Hipos. These will be brought from Colombia in the near future. The environment is also intended to be a suitable place for filming movies. The animals will be under quarantine for over a month, so tickets are not yet available, but when they are they´ll be about 10 to 15 dollars each.

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