The Turrialba Volcano is doing it again!

The National Emergency Comission issued a degree 2 alert after the activity of Turrialba Volcano mounted to a rate of over 2000 micro-seizms during the last two days, and a constant production of gases and fumes. The micro-seizms are atributed to This de-gassification process occurring underneath the crater. OVSICORI (the entity in charge of monitoring seizmic activity in Costa Rica) stated that though there still is no real cause for alarm, or any reason to beleive there might be an explosion any time soon it´s best advised no to approach anywhere near the area because of the harmfull fumes that are being produced by the volcano.

      The last time The Turrialba Volcano showed any activity similar to this was about 26 years ago. They have also noted some abnormal decoloration of the foilage around the crater they say is caused by the acid rain.

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