“New” volcano discovered in Costa Rica.

Scientists have discovered what seems to be an unseen volcano in costarrican territory. It’s crater, which is actually a 200m diameter lagoon, had been sighted before, but no one suspected it could be a volcano crater at the top of a hill situated in a place called “El Porvenir”, a region located between Alfaro Ruiz and Ciudad Quesada on the north side of The Central Volcanic Mountain Range (Cordillera Volcánica Central).

       The way this place came to vulcanologists attention was through some infra-red satelite fotos on a map of The New Encarta Encyclopedia two years ago. During the past few days they have been investigating more thoroughly and found pieces of volcanic rock that may be thousands of years old, and with seizmographic equipment they detected micro-tremors in the area. Also, by throwing a line into the lagoon, they found it was much deeper than anybody had thought. The area around the volcano is devoted mainly to cattle grazing, and though the volcano doesn’t show any activity they have installed a permanent station on one of the farms to monitor it’s behavior.  This new found volcano will be baptised “Volcan El Porvenir” in honor of the place it was found.


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