The never-ending mistery of Cocos Island.

Cocos Island, the legenday Treasure Island that inspired R.L Stevenson, still has many unsolved misteries and curious facts about it that may be well worth considering for naming it one of the Natural Seven Wonders of The World. Besides being the place where many a treasure was buried, according to many cronists and fortune-seekers, the island remains a wildlife sanctuary for many species of both sea and land, many of which are endemic to this particular island only.

      To illustrate some of what I say, it has 14 species of sharks, among them: The Whale Shark, Hammerhead Shark, White Fin-tipped Shark, Manta-rays, Tuna, among a long list. Pirates for centuries found it to be the perfect hideout and freshwater replenishing haven, strategically situated by the very important route between Panama an Lima, Peru, where they could stalk spanish galeons full of gold and Jewels.

        One of these treasures, well worth over $400,000.000.00 has been searched for over a century by individuals and even with NASA satellite pictures, but was never recovered, though some still insist on It’s existence. Since the costarrican government planted the national flag on the island, more than a hundred years ago, no more prospecting has been allowed except for a german named Gissler, who inhabited the 24 square-mile island for 20 years and was never able to find anything. This man had been appointed governor of the island by President Tomás Guardia on the condition that he establish a colony of farmers on the island. The project was unsucsessfull

       Later, during the Second World War years it served as as a naval base for U.S submarines to keep watch on the Panama Canal, and was even one of president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favorite fishing sites.

        But these days, other than men obviously, the island’s worse enemies are those within. Colonizers brought species alien to the island’s food chain such as pork, goats, cats, and rats that are overruning the territory. Steps are being taken towards erradicating them, but first they must be studied so not to do any further damage to the wildlife.

      Both government and nature-concerned organizations are monitoring the island and fighting for it’s future, one of which is Marviva. If you wish to vote for this candidate to one of the 7 Natural Wonders, you can vote on it’s page.

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