Cocos Island (moreover)

Some other curious facts about Cocos Island:  For one, though it takes it’s name because of the abundance of coconut palms by the beach, they aren’t originally from the island, they were brought there, like the rest of coconuts on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The ones in the Caribean coast are endemic to the region.

         Some species that are unique only to the island is a kind of Tree Lizard, which is endangered by cats, and a species of sea bird named “Pinzón de Cocos” and also “The Holy Ghost Bird” because of It’s habit of hovering over people’s heads in a most uninhibited manner.

         Another mystifying fact about one of the 3 treasures left by pirates on the island according to some existing versions, and the greatest of them “The Lima Treasure”, was that when it was hauled to the island, one of the sailors taken prisoner somehow managed to escape with a bushel of gold, and had told some authority at the time that he could show them more from where he got it, on the condition only that he deliver a gold statue of The Virgin Mary of The Angels to the Catholic Church, to which he refused, so he never gave away the secret.

            And last, but not least, the island was about to be written off The seven wonders contest because the costarrican government hadn’t sent official information so to inscribe it.  Ooops…well if anybody had told me in the meantime about this, but I’m not a government official, and, anyway, nobody hardly ever reads me so it wasn’t likely. But now they have sent the pertinent info, and the number of votes obtained so far will be respected, so no problem (I hope). And Cocos Island is still running for one of the new seven wonders.


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