Costa Rica’s Cow Parade about to end

Costa Rica’s 1rst edition of the Cow Parade is enters it’s final phase, and will finish by the end of this month,  when the cows will be taken out of public view until on auction, on September 3rd. The 10 most popular will win prizes. The first places will be sold for prices ranging between 3 and 10 thousand $US.  Of the proceeds, the most part goes to benefits such as the national Children’s Hospital, Hogares C.R.E.A (a rehab institution for drug adiction), and others.

       Another 20%  is for the Cow Parade Intl. in Chicago, U.S.A. The Event was successful despite some isolated acts of vandalism on some of the exhibition pieces. In total 125 cows were shown, of which many I photografed and posted on Flicker/fotos/allendale.


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