Houston Airport Systems take over Costa Rica´s Main airport.

Starting December this year Houston Airport Systems will administrate The Juan Santamaría Airport in San José, endeavoring what Alterra (a spanish based company) failed to do for over five years, to refurbish the airport enough for it to receive the increasing numbers of travelers each year, both nationals and turists and service so they don´t get stuck all day at the facilities.

      The bottle neck here in Costa Rica has had no relief since the former administrators failed to build the airport infra-structure necessary to handle the traffic, this because of their lack of financing and inability to reach a deadline with the costarrican government to solve the problem.

      Houston has agreed to assume Alterra´s bad debt and manage the airport for the next twenty year period, and the government has agreed to grant the company an extended five years in the contract in order to upgrade the airport.

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