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 Something about me: I’m a guy who’s trying real hard to blog.   At my age it starts getting pretty costly (wether it’s your money or just the time spent at this endeavor. You can say I’m sort of the-old-fool with some of the “campesino” malice in him yet. I can talk about any subject (That’s how smart I am). See it as a vice or a virtue (not that I’m all that proud, I’m just stuck with it).

  • I enjoy photography, just wish I was a little better photographer.
  • I enjoy orchids (they almost cost me my life, I used to go and look for them in the rain-forest here in Costa Rica.
  • I enjoy music (any kind of music). Just wish I had a little more time to enjoy it. And I spend most of my time glued to a computer. It’s my glory and my doom.    I enjoy all kinds of art. Music, Painting, and Bloging, which I Believe is the-ultimate-form-of-art. It includes just about everything.
  • Casita-de-campo.jpg  Typical adobe house  in “El Valle   Central” 

  “This page is about the land I live in, Costa Rica. I live in a valley sorrounded by mountains like the ones in the painting. Though my house is not exactly like the one in the picture, it has some resemblance. And tourists who come here, say that the roads are pretty much the same (this is just a joke). But it’s true that not very long ago the greater part of the countryside had roads that were no more than muddy trails. And the only means of transportation were the oxcarts like the one you can see there.”

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