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Today’s novelties.

Costa Rica’s Cow Parade about to end

Costa Rica’s 1rst edition of the Cow Parade is enters it’s final phase, and will finish by the end of this month,  when the cows will be taken out of public view until on auction, on September 3rd. The 10 most popular will win prizes. The first places will be sold for prices ranging between […]

Cocos Island (moreover)

Some other curious facts about Cocos Island:  For one, though it takes it’s name because of the abundance of coconut palms by the beach, they aren’t originally from the island, they were brought there, like the rest of coconuts on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The ones in the Caribean coast are endemic to […]

The never-ending mistery of Cocos Island.

Cocos Island, the legenday Treasure Island that inspired R.L Stevenson, still has many unsolved misteries and curious facts about it that may be well worth considering for naming it one of the Natural Seven Wonders of The World. Besides being the place where many a treasure was buried, according to many cronists and fortune-seekers, the […]

“New” volcano discovered in Costa Rica.

Scientists have discovered what seems to be an unseen volcano in costarrican territory. It’s crater, which is actually a 200m diameter lagoon, had been sighted before, but no one suspected it could be a volcano crater at the top of a hill situated in a place called “El Porvenir”, a region located between Alfaro Ruiz and […]

Costarrican coastguard seizes a Panamenian Tuna-fishing Ship

Yesterday morning the costarrican coastguard seized a panamenian Tuna ship while fishing in Coco’s Island jurisdictional waters. The ship was reported being sighted by Marviva, an ecological organization whose boat was in the area.       The boat in question had captured about thirteen tons of tuna, and other species while  fishing ilegally in Costarrican waters. This […]

More about beachfront properties in Costa Rica.

I’ve received some mail lately asking me about beachfront property conflicts in Costa Rica, and being this a note-worthy issue, I beleive it’s  always worthy of further discussion.        People, both alien and residents in this country are getting privy of how complicated it is to build realestate here.  And I stress this point because […]

Costa Rica said “Yes” to CAFTA

Yesterday, October 7th, 2007 was probably the most historic day in Costa Rica since the foundation of the 2nd Republic back in 1949. Though I´m not old enough to remember those days after the revolution we know The Government instituted The Supreme Elections Tribunal to hold presidential elections every four years . Since then, not […]

Our Lady of The Angels

There are two important religious celebrations during the year for Catholic costarricans: Holy Week and August 2nd., Day of La Virgen de Los Angeles, the patron saint of Costa Rica. The day was considered big enough to be placed with Mother´s Day next, on August 15. During the days before August 2nd., an estimated more […]

Beach Front Property conflict in Costa Rica.

      Last night an incident between some thirty families in Playa Herradura and private security guards ended with a shoot-out, leaving 23 wounded neighbors in a property feud between families that had been living there for 13 years and private security of an american citizen who claims that the land is his and he has the […]

High Rises in Costa Rica?

Today I watched on the local news in C.R that there´s a project for a building in downtown San José that would stand more than 33 stories high. I´m still so utterly amazed because I never thought I´d see something like that in this country. Not that I think it isn´t possible, but because I´ve […]