Monthly Archives: February 2008

“Turrialba Volcano” acting up again.

      Today El Volcan Turrialba surprised us with some unusally large fumaroles (up to 800 m high) Though no inordinate seizmicity has been reported, these columns of sulphurous gases activity is the most notorious sighted so far since the volcano entered an active phase two years ago. It could be seen from anywhere within the […]

Costarrican coastguard seizes a Panamenian Tuna-fishing Ship

Yesterday morning the costarrican coastguard seized a panamenian Tuna ship while fishing in Coco’s Island jurisdictional waters. The ship was reported being sighted by Marviva, an ecological organization whose boat was in the area.       The boat in question had captured about thirteen tons of tuna, and other species while  fishing ilegally in Costarrican waters. This […]