Our Lady of The Angels


There are two important religious celebrations during the year for Catholic costarricans: Holy Week and August 2nd., Day of La Virgen de Los Angeles, the patron saint of Costa Rica. The day was considered big enough to be placed with Mother´s Day next, on August 15.

During the days before August 2nd., an estimated more than a million costarricans (about 1/4 of the total population) go on a pilgrimage from their towns all over the country, to the Basilica of the city of Cartago.

This journey, which is made by whatever the means possible, many of them walking no matter how far, is sometimes made as a promise, and other times in giving thanks for favors granted with help of La Vírgen de los Angeles to the faithful, some who they claim as being of a miraculous nature.

We would have to trace the origins of this tradition back to…

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