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The never-ending mistery of Cocos Island.

Cocos Island, the legenday Treasure Island that inspired R.L Stevenson, still has many unsolved misteries and curious facts about it that may be well worth considering for naming it one of the Natural Seven Wonders of The World. Besides being the place where many a treasure was buried, according to many cronists and fortune-seekers, the […]

“New” volcano discovered in Costa Rica.

Scientists have discovered what seems to be an unseen volcano in costarrican territory. It’s crater, which is actually a 200m diameter lagoon, had been sighted before, but no one suspected it could be a volcano crater at the top of a hill situated in a place called “El Porvenir”, a region located between Alfaro Ruiz and […]

Costarrican coastguard seizes a Panamenian Tuna-fishing Ship

Yesterday morning the costarrican coastguard seized a panamenian Tuna ship while fishing in Coco’s Island jurisdictional waters. The ship was reported being sighted by Marviva, an ecological organization whose boat was in the area.       The boat in question had captured about thirteen tons of tuna, and other species while  fishing ilegally in Costarrican waters. This […]

The possibility of Turrialba Volcano erupting.

     The buzz has it during the last days that it´s inminent that “El Volcán Turrialba” could start erupting at any moment, and that the way it may erupt is just as unpredictable. This volcano located at the east end of the central mountain chain has not erupted since 1876. It´s next to Volcan Irazú, […]

Africa mine in Costa Rica

A zoo is being made in Costa Rica that is supposed to be a small replica of the african savannah. Taking advantage of the flatlands in the province of Guanacaste that have used traditionaly for raising cattle, in the dry north-pacific, and the similarities with the climate (aprox. 33 degrees Celcius year around) this will […]

Comment about Transparancies

<a href= orchids”> I thought I’d try to take advantage of the see-trough quality of the afternoon light glowing through the petals of my orchids. <a href= ” rel=”Tag”>Comment-about-transparencies</a>